Custom Aprons

While we make 3 basic styles of aprons, the possibilities don’t end there…we are able to customize to suit whatever your tasks demand.

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Custom Blacksmith apron with pockets

Blacksmith apron with custom pockets

Custom pliers pocket

Stitched pliers pocket

Custom chisel pocket detail

Reinforced and stitched chisel pocket

Custom remote control apron front

A heavy duty apron/harness for a remote control crane operator. Everything about this custom handmade piece is solid and built to last. Lots of adjustment in front & back straps to fit a wide variety of operators and our shoulder straps take the weight.

remote control apron side view showing custom snap attachments

Side view

Stonemason's apron

A new addition to our custom apron line: the Stonemason’s half-apron. Our best belt leather is stitched onto the apron for dependably and a double pencil pocket is included


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