Smithing Aprons

Early version of the Blacksmith apron
  • leather colours may vary
  • we offer a flat shipping rate of $30 anywhere in Canada or the continental U.S. (please note that custom aprons may incur extra shipping charges and there is a $5 insurance fee)
  • please use the contact form to order your apron. We are available to discuss your sizing and custom needs.

An early version of our Blacksmith apron

The Handyman

Traditional style in leather with adjustable neck straps and double pockets.


The Journeyman

Rugged, dependable and comfortable to wear, the longer Journeyman offers greater protection for the legs and shoulder straps for ease of wear. This apron is preferred by stone masons, welders or anyone who needs a good, solid piece of leather between them and their work. It is one awesome apron!


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