We are called to the hearth where warming fires and simmering meals await to nourish us and our cherished companions. Time slows in the dim light, voices hush – snow blankets the stillness…

There’s a lot to be said in favour of winter gardening in the Pacific Northwest: no watering, little pest damage and even less weeding to name just a few things. Plant your seedlings in late summer with a generous helping of mulch and, with a little care, your winter meals are in for a tasty boost.

Raised beds are a necessary element in my garden with the increasingly heavy winter rains. Each of the garden zones has a corresponding raised bed just for winter and early spring veggies. This is a work in progress.

Brassicas, root crops and leeks are all winter hardy here as long as they can occupy a raised bed in the garden plot. Everyday we choose from broccoli, cabbage, kale, parsnips, beets, carrots or leeks to add to a stew or homemade soup. Yum!

BFL & Gotland fleece

Another chore/pastime in winter is sorting, washing and processing the year’s wool clip. Always a pleasure to sort through the BFL and Gotland locks.

Natural colours and gorgeous texture on the hoof!

…and pigs will fly

Our homemade weathervane flew off the top of the barn in the great Christmas hurricane of 2018. Here it is, once more gracing the roof and pointing NNW to herald in the next winter storm of February 2019.

Brewer’s Apron by Elf Leather

Leather aprons made by Elf for artisan brewers are sturdy, handsome and useful with convenient towel strap and large waist pocket.

Detail for front pocket and towel strap.

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